Valve Lubricants and Sealants
 - Sticks, Cans, Pails, Drums, Cartridges
 - EMERGENCY Valve Sealants
   - Sealants Conatin NO Solid Fillers -
for Rockwell,Walworth & Nordstrom Plugs Cameron, Grove, WKM, TK & KF Ball valves

Valve Lubrication Pumps:
Air Operated

 Heavy Duty Industrial Pumps 10K /15K psi, Portable for Nordstrom, WKM
 Cameron, Rockwell, Walworth, KF & Grove
 - 90:1 or 120:1 Ratio Industrial Pumps

Valve Cleaner & Valve Purge
 - Specially formulated to Free your      valves. Liquid or Black Gel Formula.
 - Safely Displaces hardened deposits in
    All types of valves: Cameron, Rockwell, WKM, Grove, Walworth, McEvoy, KF, FMC
Ball Valves, Plug & Gate Valves
 - 316 SS, CS, WCB, A105
 - FULL Port or Reduced, Welded End
 - 2000, 3600, 6000 & 10,000 psi
 - ANSI / API, NACE, Fire Safe,
 - Threaded, Flanged, RTJ
Valve Lubrication Fittings,
Satety Adapters & Tools

 Giant Button Head Fttings for Rockwell, Walworth, Nordstrom, Halliburton Plug valves
 Capped Style Fittings for Cameron, WKM, Grove
 Packing Injectors,Safety Adapters, Specialty Fittings & Couplers

High-Pressure Valve
Lubrication Guns

 - Model 14 Hydraulic Grease Gun for Rockwell,Nordstrom,Walworth,Grove valves
 - Hydraulic Exchange Program
 - Model 62-WGL Screw Type Gun

Valve Stem Packing
 - Injection type Packing for WKM, Orbit, Walworth, M & J and Foster valves.
 - 14-P Hydraulic Packing Gun & Adapt.

Gauges, Bi-Metal Thermometers
& Thermowells

 - Stainless Steel & Liquid Filled,
     All Sizes, Connections and Ranges
 - Process, Premium, Test, Differential
Needle & Mini Valves, Instrument Manifolds, & Multi-Port Valves
 - 316 SS, Carbon Steel
 - 3000, 6000 & 10,000 psi
 - 3 & 5 Valve Manifolds: Full 3/8" Bore
Oil Sorbent Pads & Poly Overpacks
 - Oil Containment Booms &
    Oil Skimmers are available.

Closure Seals & Closures
 For Pig Launchers, Pig Receivers,
   Blow-Downs, Vents and Vessels.
 - All standard Closure Seals are Viton ® Melancon Represents: Huber Yale

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