Multi-Purpose Valve Stem Packing for All Types of Valves
Valve Stem Packing

Tiger Pak is injection type Valve Stem Packing with a high Teflon® content. It is blended with a solvent resistant synthetic oil and selected anti-extrusion fibers. This matrix is formulated to energize valve stem packing glands and stop packing leaks.

Note: Tiger Pak and Tiger Pak "F" Valve Stem Packing is widely accepted for WKM, Orbit, M & J, OFM, Nordstrom, Rockwell, Walworth and Foster valves, to name a few.

Tiger Pak is applicable for Natural Gas (dry or wet), Crude Oil, H2S, CO2, Steam, Distillate, Glycols, Dilute Acids and Aqueous Solutions.

Temperature Range: - 85° F to 600° F (Color - Blue)


Tiger Pak "F" is specially formulated for Unleaded Gasoline, Liquid Hydrocarbons, Diesel Fuel (all grades), Jet Fuel, Ethylene, Propylene, Butadiene, Distillate, LPG & Natural Gas (wet or dry)

Temperature Range: - 20°F to 400°F (Color- Green)


Tiger Pak "A" is specially formulated for Ammonia Service, Water, Steam, most Dilute Acids except Hydrofluoric Acid. Also suitable for Alkalies and Alcohols including 100% Ethanol.

Tiger Pak "A" is Not Suitable for Hydrocarbon Liquids, LPG, Crude Oil, Kerosene and Gasoline. Temperature Range: - 50 to 350.F (Color- Brown)

ALL of our Valve Stem Packing products are 100% Non-asbestos.

Part No. Size Packaging
TP – 2
1-1/2” x 7” 2 sticks per Box
TP – 100
3/8” x 1” 100 sticks per Jar
TPF – 2
1-1/2” x 7” 2 sticks per Box
TPF – 100
3/8” x 1” 100 sticks per Jar

TPA – 2

TPA –100

1-1/2” x 7”

3/8” x 1”

2 sticks per Box

100 sticks per Jar


Model # 14-P       Hydraulic Packing Gun and Packing Adapters

Model # 14-PCC Hydraulic Packing Gun w/ 1442 Protective Carrying Case (not pictured)

Hydraulic Packing Gun
The Melancon Model 14-P Hydraulic Packing Gun is a Safe / Simple way to stop valve stem packing leaks without stripping the Stinger Threads.  It delivers approximately 1/44 oz. per stroke.  Standard equipment includes 15,000 psi Gauge with cover, Solid Steel Tee, 3/8” NPT Swivel / Hose and PA-20 (standard WKM-style packing adapter). It holds 1 large packing stick & has a conical packing barrel cap.
Part No.
style adapter fitting adapter



WKM Style Adapter (standard on Model 14-P and Fits most packing injectors)




Daniel Senior Fitting Adapter w/ Giant Button Head Fitting (pictured on this Website with Daniel Senior Fitting Parts)


gate valve packing adapter




M & J Gate Valve Packing Adapter (special thread for Daniel M & J gate valve)


Part No.
packing adapters




Orbit style Packing Adapter (Special small thread size for Small Orbit ball valves)

NOTE: The Female thread on this Packing Adapter is 1/4" NPT.


packing release tool




Packing Releasing Tool (standard on WKM style Packing Injectors))

Fits most Packing Injectors


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