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For Hydraulic Guns
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A. "J" Size Sticks (16 per box)
B. "GP" Gun Packs (10 per box)
C. (6 Boxes per case)
D. 10 lb. / 5 Quart Cans (4 per case)
E. 40 lb. Pails (5 Gallons)
F. 120 lb. / 16 Gallon Drums
     55 Gallon Drums (not shown)

G. "K" Size Sticks,12 per box
H. (6 Boxes per case) Cartridges,16 oz.(not shown)

Melancon No. 90
Multi-Purpose Hydrocarbon Valve Lube Sealant. Specially formulated for Natural Gas, LPG, general hydrocarbons, Crude Oil & Aromatics. This product is accepted world wide for Routine valve maintenance for All types of valves including Plug, Ball & Gate type for Rockwell, Nordstrom, Walworth, Cameron, Grove, WKM and KF brands. Melancon No. 90 will also significantly extend the life of API gate valves, when it is properly filled in the Body cavity.
Temperature Range: -20 F to 500 F
Melancon No. 90HT
High Temperature valve lube sealant (contains moly-disulfide). Developed for valves in general hot hydrocarbon services. It also works well in Natural Gas service on Compressor Stations. It is an Excellent Plug valve Lubricant & Sealant for Halliburton Lo-Torque plug valves, Rockwell, Nordstrom, Walworth & ACF plug valves. Wellhead API - 6A Gate valves including WKM, Cameron and FMC.
Temperature Range: -20 F to 650 F
Melancon No. 91
Multi-purpose hydrocarbon valve lube sealant for Naptha, Kerosene, Ethylene, Butane and Carbon Tetrachloride.
Temperature Range: -20 F to 450 F


Melancon No. 94
Same applications as No. 90. Formulated for easier pumping in cold weather. Melancon 94 is widely used for Valve Commissioning. It is ideal for "Routine Valve Maintenance" for ALL types of valves including Plug, Ball & Gate valves: Pipeline gate valve seats & API-6A Wellhead Gate valve bodies.
Temperature Range: -20 F to 400 F

Melancon No. 34 (replaced by Melancon No. 536)
Valve lube sealant for H2S (sour gas) and / or CO2.
Temperature Range: -20 F to 400 F
Melancon No. 35 (Silicone Base)
Valve lube sealant for High Pressure CO2, Molten Sulphur, acetic anhydride & acetic acid. It also works well in Air Starting valves at Compressor Stations. It will NOT polymerize.
Temperature Range: -50 F to 400 F
Melancon No. 50
Valve Lube Sealant specially formulated for Air Starting valves on Compressor Stations.
Temperature Range: 0 F to 400 F

Melancon No. 536 (Meets Mil-G-6032) "Grease Plug Valve, Gasoline & Oil Resistant"

Melancon 536 is one of Our Premium Grade Routine Valve Maint. Products.

Multi-purpose valve lube sealant for Natural Gas (wet or dry) Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Aviation Gasoline, Organic Acids & Caustic Solutions. Inhibited for H2S (sour gas) & CO2. Formulated for Plug, Ball & Gate Valves. It is ideal for Trunnion Mounted Ball valves on Pipelines & Compressor Stations.Temperature Range: - 40 F to 400 F

Melancon No. 90 G "Peanut Butter"

Multi-purpose valve lube sealant. Specially formulated for API-6A gate valve bodies. Product contains corrosion inhibitor and anti-oxidants. This product will not separate. Our Non-Abrasive formula will significantly extend the Service Life of your Valves & valve lubrication Pumps Down-tube.
Temperature Range: -30 F to 300 F

Melancon No. 93 Arctic Grade "Extremely Low Temperature Range"
Arctic Grade Valve Lubricant & Sealant for All types of valves including Plug, Ball & Gate type.
Suitable for Natural Gas (wet or dry), Gen. Hydrocarbon Service, H2S, CO2 & LNG (Liquid Natural Gas)
Temperature Range: - 65 F to 400 F

Melancon No. 95
Multi-purpose hydrocarbon valve lube sealant. Designed for natural gas, LPG, general hydrocarbons, crude oil, gasoline, propylene, benzene, toluene, butadiene, xylene, styrene, cumene & aromatics. This product is recommended for older valves and performs well in cold weather.
Temperature Range: - 20 F to 400 F
Melancon No. 97
(One of Our Premium Grade Routine Valve Maintenance Product)
This specialty valve lube sealant is formulated with premium base oils & a unique sealing matrix. Services include Natural Gas (wet or dry), LPG, Unleaded Gasoline, general hydrocarbons & aromatics. It offers exceptional valve sealing characteristics in Plug, Ball & Gate valve applications.

Temperature Range: - 20 F to 400 F
Melancon MP-3
Multi-purpose EP Bearing Lubricant (Petroleum Base). Available in cartridges & bulk form.
Temperature Range: -20 F to 350 F
Melancon STG Lubricant: Year Round Protection for Valve Gear Boxes
Valve Stem, Thread & Gear Box Lubricant for All types of valves. Can be applied directly onto the Bull & Worm Gears. Keeps stem bearings operating freely. Retards corrosion. Packaged in 16 oz. cartridges (12 per box). Bulk Form: 10# Cans, 40# Pails & 120# Drums. This product is rated NLGI-2 & EP-2 Grade. Temperature Range: - 65 F to 360 F
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