Emergency Valve Sealants & Specialty Valve Lubricants

Melancon No. 007* Wonder Seal (100% Synthetic) Contains NO Teflon® or Solids

EMERGENCY Valve Sealant specially formulated for use in Plug, Ball or Gate type valves including Cameron, Rockwell, Grove, Nordstrom, WKM, KF, Walworth, TK & Daniel M&J brands. It performs extremely well as a sealant on plug, ball or gate valve applications; anywhere sealing surfaces have been damaged, including pipeline valves, wellheads, compressor stations & refineries. It has been widely used on Pig Launcher / Receiver valves, Suction and Discharge valves on Compressor Stations.

Features:     - 007 has extraordinary sealing capability for valves with Internal seat leakage.
                      - It will not dry out or harden in the valve.Valves remain operational after Sealing.
                      - Melancon 007 contains NO solid fillers and is Water Insoluble.
                      - High metal adhesion with inhibitors for H2S and excellent corrosion resistance.
                      - Suitable for Natural Gas (wet or dry), Liquid Hydrocarbons, Sour Gas, Crude Oil,
                              Refined Gasoline's, Distillate and Condensate.
                      - Temperature Range: 0 F to 400 F

*Note:  Melancon EAGLE - E120 series pumps are recommended for 007 Sealant Injection.
                      Melancon 007 is packaged in 1 lb cartridges, 10 lb cans, or 40 lb pails.
                      It can also be applied with a Melancon Model #14 Hydraulic Gun or 62-CT
                      Screw Type Gun for Cartridges.

Melancon No. 45 Specialty Valve Lube Sealant (reduces operating torque)

Developed in 2001, Melancon 45 has a proven record in the field for resolving torque issues, particularly on High Pressure Plug valves. Specially formulated for use in extremely high pressure plug, ball or gate valves; blended to resist a wide range of applications including liquid fuels, hot distillate / condensate, liquid hydrocarbons, H2S and CO2. It will substantially reduce the operating torque on close tolerance valves. Especially High Pressure Plug Valves such as Halliburton Lo-Torque and MSI. Available in stick & bulk forms. It was originally formulated for High Pressure plug valve services up to 12,000 psi, with Hot Condensate (up to 350.F)
Temperature Range: -40 F to 450 F

Melancon No. 90 T

EMERGENCY Valve Lube Sealant. Contains Soft Teflon® particles for sealing capability on badly worn or cut valves. Repeated use is not recommended... This is a last resort product.
Temperature Range: -20 F to 450 F

Melancon No. 98 EMERGENCY Valve Lube Sealant. (also meets Mil-G-6032 specs.)
Multi-Purpose Valve Sealant. Melancon 98 contains NO Solid fillers. Excellent sealing capability for Plug, Ball & Gate valves including Rockwell, Cameron ,Grove, Walworth,WKM & KF. It is inhibited for H2S & C02. Available in Bulk Forms or 1 lb. Cartridges. It can be affectively injected with our E120 Specialty Air Operated Valve Lubrication pumps or our 62-CT Screw Type Gun for 16 ounce cartridges.
Temperature Range: 10.F to 400 F

Melancon No. 34 (replaced by Melancon No. 536)
Valve lube sealant for H2S (sour gas) and / or CO2.
Temperature Range: -20 F to 400 F
Melancon No. 35 (Silicone Base)
Valve lube sealant for high pressure CO2, molten sulphur, acetic anhydride & acetic acid. It also works well in Air Starting valves on Compressor Stations..
Temperature Range: -50 F to 400 F
Melancon No. 50
Valve Lube Sealant specifically formulated for "Air Starting Valves" on Compressor Stations.
Temperature Range: 0 F to 400 F
Melancon No. 536 (Meets Mil-G-6032) "Grease Plug Valve, Gasoline & Oil Resistant"
Premium Grade Routine Valve Maintenance product for Cameron, Grove & WKM valves. Multi-purpose valve lube sealant for Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Aviation Gasoline, Natural Gas, Organic Acids & Caustic Solutions. Inhibited for H2S (sour gas) and CO2. Formulated for Plug, Ball & Gate Valves.
Temperature Range: -40 F to 400 F
Melancon No. 90 G
Multi-purpose valve lube sealant. Specially formulated for API Wellhead Gate Valve bodies. Our Non-Abrasive Formula will not damage critical down-tube components on your air operated valve lubrication pumps. Designed to protect your API Wellhead valve investments. NOTE: Melancon 90HT is recommended for API-6A Slab type gate valves such as Cameron F or FC series.
Temperature Range: 0 F to 300 F
Melancon No. 95

Multi-purpose hydrocarbon valve lube sealant. Designed for Natural Gas, LPG, general hydrocarbons, crude oil, gasoline, propylene, benzene, toluene, butadiene, xylene, styrene, cumene & aromatics. This product is recommended for older valves and performs well in cold weather.
Temperature Range: -20 F to 400 F

NOTE: For Extreme Cold applications Melancon 93 Arctic is recommended. - 65.F to 300.F

Melancon No. 97
(Our Premium Grade Routine Valve Maintenance Product)
This specialty valve lube sealant is formulated with premium base oils & a unique sealing matrix. Services include natural gas, LPG, general hydrocarbons & aromatics.
It offers exceptional valve sealing characteristics in plug, ball & gate valve applications.

Temperature Range: -20 F to 400 F
Melancon No. MP-3
Multi-purpose EP bearing lubricant (petroleum base). Available in cartridges & bulk form.
Temperature Range: -20 F to 350 F
Melancon STG Lubricant (Year Round Protection for Valve Stem / Bearings & Gear Box)

Valve Stem, Thread & Gear Box Lubricant for All types of valves. Keeps stem bearings free & retards corrosion. Packaged in 14.5 oz. cartridges (12 per Box) & Bulk Form:10#, 40# & 120#. This product is rated NLGI-2 & EP-2 Grade. Melancon STG Lubricant is Ideal for Orbit Ball Valve Stems

Temperature Range: -65 F to 360 F

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