High Pressure Valve Lubrication Guns

Model # 14Hydraulic


The Melancon Model 14 Valve Lubrication Gun provides up to 10,000 psi.  Constructed from heavy duty steel, it weighs 18 lbs. and delivers approximately 1/44 oz. per stoke.  Special features include a built-in internal relief valve for maximum safety and by-pass valve.  This unit is equipped with 15,000 psi liquid filled gauge with protective cover, hose, swivel, giant button head coupler and solid steel tee.  It performs best with a “J” size (8 oz.) stick, 16 sticks per box, 6 boxes per case or "GP" Gun Packs.


Model # 1442 Hydra CaseProtective Carrying Case Only
Model # 14 – CC Hydraulic Gun Complete with Hydra Case

Model # 14-CC-SP Hydraulic Gun Complete with Hydra Case, Safety Adapters & Tools

The Melancon Model # 1442 “Hydra Case” is designed to protect one Model 14 Hydraulic grease gun. Product features include spare compartments to hold safety adapters, tools, & additional fittings. A heavy-duty foam padded insert for extra protection, as well as stainless steel latches & hinges. The “Hydra Case” is made of durable, lightweight aluminum. The Model 1442 will significantly prolong the life of your hydraulic grease gun investment. We also offer a Protective Carrying Case to fit your Melancon 14-P Hydraulic Packing Guns.

Model # 14-REM Hydraulic – Exchange

Trade in an old hydraulic grease gun for a Melancon Model 14 – REM Remanufactured gun. Completely Rebuilt, Replated and Tested, it is an economical alternative to a new gun.

All major Hydraulic Grease Gun brands are accepted for exchange, as parts are interchangeable. For Example: Rockwell or Nordstrom 400-D.

Please include the Hose Assembly for a Safety Inspection and pressure test.

Note: For prolonged gun life, avoid carrying hydraulic guns by the handle and try to keep the by-pass valve in the closed position, except when loading the gun or relieving pressure.


Part No. 12-HC High Pressure Hose Assembly Complete


Model # 62-WGL  High Pressure Valve Lubrication Gun Screw Prime Type

The Melancon Model # 62-WGL is a lightweight, high pressure valve lubrication gun.  It builds 12,000 psi or more with little effort.  Completely equipped with a high pressure hose assembly including 15,000 psi gauge w/ cover, swivels, giant button head coupler with pressure release, solid steel tee & check valve.  Fully loaded, this gun weighs only 11lbs.  It has a heavy-duty aluminum barrel and uses a “K” size stick (12 sticks per box, 6 boxes per case). It delivers approximately 1/16 oz. per stroke. This is a very reliable & dependable unit. NOTE: The Melancon 62-WGL is comparable to the WKM# 2122495-01. Also the model# 6268-2 or model# 325540-1.


Model # 62-CT High Pressure Valve Lubrication Gun Screw Type for Cartridges

The Melancon Model # 62-CT is the same unit as the 62-WGL with a Larger Barrel to hold 1 lb. Cartridges for pumping Bulk grade Valve Lubricant, Sealant or "Valve Purge" products. Please specify "CT" for packaging.

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