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Model # 10-90 Features:

Model # 40-90 Features:

  • 90:1 Ratio Valve Lubrication Pump
  • Rated up to 10,000 psi
  • Delivery: 1/10 ounce per stroke
  • 10’ or 20’ / 20,000 psi Minimum burst pressure grease hose, 15,000 psi Gauge, Swivels, Control Valve w/ Pressure Vent and Metal seated valve (RV-14)
  • Whip end hose, solid steel tee and Giant button head coupler w/ Pressure Release
  • Follower Plate for Positive Priming
  • Heavy Duty rust resistant Aluminum canister with Dolly and 10” inflated rubber wheels.
-- To load, simply insert a 10 lb. / 5 qrt. can into
    the canister.
    Overall dimensions: 40” height x 22” width
    Approximate weight: 62 lbs.

The Melancon Model # 40-90 holds a 40 lb. pail (5 gallon pail).  It is also equipped with our 90:1 ratio industrial pump, a heavy duty canister,  10’ or 20’ grease hose (10,000 psi working pressure and 20,000 psi minimum burst pressure) with swivels, giant button head coupler, gauge, RV-14 Pressure Release, Dolly, a spring loaded follower plate & 10” inflated rubber wheels. (pictured above with a 20’ hose assembly).

-- To load,simply insert a 40 lb. Pail into the canister.
    Overall dimensions: 39" height x 23" width
    Approximate weight: 70 lbs.

Note: The Melancon 10-90, 40-90 and 120-90 Air Operated Valve Lubrication Pumps release up to 9,000 psi Grease Pressure discharge with only 100 psi inlet air supply, while delivering 1/10 ounce per stroke.  Each unit is specially designed to save you time, significantly reduce maintenance costs and extend valve life.

Melancon E-series Pumps: EAGLE Model # E120 and E120-15M

Our Melancon E120 and E120-15M Specialty Pumps are Specifically designed to Routinely overcome up to 12,000 psi Line Pressure. Either unit will efficiently inject Valve Lubricant, Sealant or Cleaner into your Plug, Ball or Wellhead Gate valves with minimal Air Supply.

Volume Delivery: 1/2 oz. per Stroke, allows personnel to maximize their time per Wellhead or Routine valve maintenance. It is ideal for wellhead maintenance on WKM, Cameron, FMC and McEvoy valves, just to name a few. Reduce your routine maintenance time for mainline pipeline valves (often buried lines), as well as Compressor station valves.


Standard Features: E120 Rated up to 10,000 psi E120-15M Rated up to 15,000 psi

  • 120:1 Ratio Industrial Grade Pump
  • Large Volume Delivery: 1/2 oz. per stroke
  • 5 “ Air Motor: Product Injected on both strokes
  • Durable, Heavy Duty Construction
  • Adjustable discharge pressure: Up to 15,000 psi on E120-15M
  • 10’ High Pressure (20,000 psi) Hose Assembly Complete w/ Hose, Swivels, 15,000 or 20,000 psi Gauge, Whip End Hose, Giant Button Head Coupler w/ Pressure Release and Control  Valve
  • Oiler, Filter, & Regulator w/gauge included
  • Heavy Duty Protective Bracket for Regulator / Filter / Gauge
  • Dual Follower Plate for 10 lb. or 40 lb. pails
  • Adjustable Air Motor Relief Valve for added safety
  • Maximum air inlet pressure:  120 psi
  • Rams are Permanently Lubricated
  • Pumps up to 5 lbs. per minute of NLGI # 2 Valve Lubricant, Sealant, Purge or Cleaner
  • Ideal for pumping viscous Valve Sealants such as: Melancon No. 007, 45, 90T, 98

Note: Our standard Melancon E120 Pumps are rated 10,000 psi. Please specify Part # E120- 15M for the 15,000 psi pump.


Model # 120-90 Air Operated Valve Lubrication Pump

The Melancon Model # 120-90 is ideal for large valve lubrication jobs & maintenance of wellhead gate valves where large quantities of valve lubricant  / cleaner are required.  It mounts easily on a 120 lb. drum (16 Gallons), which reduces reloading time.  It comes complete with our 90:1 Ratio Industrial pump, heavy duty drum cover, a 10’ or 20’ High pressure grease hose 10,000 psi working pressure (20,000 psi Minimum burst pressure), swivels, 15,000 psi gauge, RV-14 Control Valve with Pressure Release, Follower Plate & W-2 Safety Adapter.  A 2-GBC Giant Button Head Coupler is included for plug and ball valve maintenance.

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